For listeners of quality heavy rock and metal, Born & Raised offers a different perspective on what metal music should sound like. The Quintet from Dallas, Texas boasts a powerful combination of melodic vocals, wailing guitar solos, angry yells, and driving beats. Classically trained, the band pulls influence from several genres such as blues, funk, alternative, rock, psychedelia, jazz, and even reggae to develop their sound. Stellar musicianship reminiscent of bands such as System of a Down, Dream Theater, Pantera, TOOL, and Mudvayne foreshadows the intensity of their live performance and echoes in their albums they leave behind. With a new album almost completed and new tour dates lined up, you can expect to hear more from them very soon. Look for their music on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, ReverbNation, Google Music, etc...

Razor-sharp riffs, stirring lyrics, deafening bass lines and malicious beats with a southern flair are the trademark of Born and Raised”

— Ryan Javier

Big Jon-Guitar : Los-Guitar : Brooks-Bass : Fox-Drums : Rich-Vox

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Sample Tracks

We have a wide range of influences, so we have a very diverse sound. To get a feel for it, all tracks are grouped by general style.

Tracks 1-5 are metal.

Tracks 6-8 have  funk elements.

Tracks 9-10 are progressive style.

Tracks 11-12 are slow and melodic.